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Avenger® Organic Granular Fertilizer

Mix Rates and Methods of Use:

Application: Apply as needed throughout the growing season with a spreader or apply by hand. Water thoroughly after each application.

• Soil Conditioning/Pre-Sod/New Lawns: Apply 40 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. and mix into soil. Six weeks after sodding or seeding, apply an additional application
• Mature Lawns: Apply 40 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. in early spring or prior to green up Apply 60 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. on poor soil lawns. Apply every 6-8 weeks
• Fertilizer Sensitive Turf (e.g. Centipede): 5-10 lbs/1000 sq. ft.
• New Sod: 20-30 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.
• Flower Beds/Vegetable Gardens: Apply 5-10 pounds per 100 sq. ft. of planting area and mix into soil prior to seeding or transplanting.
• Pastures: 700-800 lbs. per acre
•Potting: 1.5 lbs per 40lb. bag of soil or 15 to 40 lbs. per cubic yard of soil
•Gardens: 30-40 lbs. per 800 sq. ft.
•Tree Installation: 2 cups per caliper inch
•Shrub Installation: 1/3 cup per gallon size

Avenger® Organic Pure Kelp Plant Food

Avenger® Organics Pure Kelp Plant Food is 100% organic fertilizer that's made from fresh Ecklonia Kelp from the abundant, rich waters around South Africa. The crisp, fresh kelp is specially processed to release the concentrated organic plant growth compounds, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids in this powerful biostimulant. It increases vegetation growth, flowering, root growth and tolerances (shade, drought, pH). Avenger Organics Pure Kelp Plant Food fertilizer encourages strong, healthy growing attractive lawns, flowers, shrubs/hedges and trees. Great for municipalities, turf farms, golf courses and parks.

• Increases tolerance for shade, drought, pH
• Won’t burn plants
• Adds nutrition to the soil via micronutrients
• Increases vegetational growth
• Increases root growth
• Produces healthy growing, attractive turf, foliage & flowers
• Improves soil based fertilizer utilization
• Stimulates root development (auxin-like compounds) to support larger fruit / flower size and weight
• Stimulates blooms & flowering (cytokinin-like compounds)

Key Benefits:

•  Creates a stronger cell wall in the plant making the plant more hardy

•  Consists of concentrated cytoplasm from crisp-fresh Ecklonia maxima kelp.

•  An organic bio-stimulant that allows roots to grow helping to create a healthier plant.

•  Increases root strength.

•  Increases stress resistance.

•  Helps prevent damage from disease, fungus, heat and physical stresses in the environment.

•  Non-toxic natural product from the edible species of brown kelp seaweed.

•  Renewable organic product that is responsibly harvested

•  Increase crop yields in fruits and vegetables

•  100% biodegradable

•  Three year shelf life

•  Contains a wide variety of minerals, vitamins and amino acids

•  A safe natural "hormonal" product as nature intended

•  Contains minerals and trace elements

•  Safe around children, animals, and insects

•  Less watering required

•  More colorful plants and greener, healthier lawns and plants

Avenger® Organics Liquid Fish Hydrolysate Fertilizer

All purpose fertilizer for lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and more.  Made from fresh trout with no chemical additives the Avenger 2-3-1 Liquid Fish Fertilizer is an all natural highly nutritional protein fertilizer designed for your plant’s needs.
This high quality natural fertilizer also contains naturally occurring amino acids, as well essential minor elements.

The continued application of Avenger 2-3-1 Liquid Fish Fertilizer actually promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria which allows the soil to manage water more efficiently. In addition, this all natural fertilizer does not contaminate our water table through leaching like harmful chemical fertilizers can and do.

Avenger 2-3-1 Liquid Fish Fertilizer contains natural oils and proteins and is produced using a cold process that preserves the biologically active components.  Many professional gardeners recommend combining with the Avenger Liquid Kelp to enhance performance.


•  Rebuilds the fertility of the soil

•  Promotes plant growth

•  Made from a renewable resource

•  Excellent to use as a compost enhancer

Product Highlights Benefits:

•  Will not burn plants and turf

•    100% biodegradable

•    Safe to use around people, pets and insects

•    Creates stronger plant cell walls

•    Less watering required

•    Reduces need for chemical plant protection

•    Highly economical - treats up to 10,000 sq. ft.

•    Made in the USA

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