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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

Your Cool Season Organic Herbicide
AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide is intended for non-selective weed control in and around all crop and non-crop areas. The product’s active ingredient, d-Limonene, is a natural degreaser that effectively melts the waxy cuticle of most weeds, grasses and broadleaves, causing dehydration and death to the problem vegetation. Due to this unique mode of action, it does not require direct sunlight or warm temperatures for effectiveness. Weed control can be obtained in temperatures as low as 50 degrees - this allows growers to treat weeds when they are small, weak and unestablished.

Optimal Application Conditions
While AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide will work under most environmental conditions, it works best when the soil is moist, and the weed cuticle is soft. These conditions will make the weed more susceptible to desiccation. Typically this can be after an irrigation, or rain event, but the vegetation should be semi-dry so that the herbicide will stick to the targeted weeds. Spraying weeds in the early hours of the day (morning dew) will often assist with efficacy. The longer the spray concentrate can remain on the leaf surface, the better the results will be. In hot temperatures, burndown results can be seen in as little as an hour on most weeds.

Sub-Optimal Application Conditions
Weeds that are drought or heat stressed will develop a thicker cuticle. The thicker cuticle barrier can inhibit the herbicide from dissolving into vegetation, resulting in decreased herbicide performance. Weeds that are large and have matured or “hardened off” are often more difficult to control.

Perennial vs. Annual Weed Control
AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide desiccates the foliage of most weeds that it comes into contact with, however the product is not systemic. Annual and perennial weeds that germinate from seed can easily be controlled before they establish a robust root system. Established perennial grasses, broadleaves and weeds from rhizomes or root masses can be effectively top burnt, but complete control will require multiple treatments over time. The cooler season effectiveness of AvengerAG® Burndown Herbicide allows you to eliminate weeds before they become established.

Pre-Plant and Pre-Emerge Applications
For many organic growers, weed control can’t start soon enough, but cost has often been a barrier to broadcast treatments. When treating newly emerged weeds, apply AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide prior to planting crops. This will create a clean seed bed. Seeded crops can be planted within 2 hours after application. For newly planted crops, AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide can be applied before crop emergence to control the early flush of weeds. By leaving the soil undisturbed, you will avoid unearthing new weed seeds, which is often a result of cultivation. When treating smaller weeds, you can use lower spray solution volumes - this will reduce your weed control costs.

Broadcast Application with Field Sprayer Boom Equipment
The amount of weed vegetation will determine the spray volume and product required for complete coverage of weeds, grasses and broadleaves. Weed vegetation conditions that affect spray coverage are determined by the number of weeds present, leaf shape, weed size and weed species. For weeds under ½ inch, use 15 gal/acre of total spray volume at a 1:6 dilution ratio (1 part Avenger/6 parts H20). For weeds over 1 inch in height, use 30 gal/acre of total spray volume at a 1:6 dilution ratio (1 part Avenger/6 parts H20). Large weeds up to 12 to 18 inches in height may require an increased final spray volume and reduced dilution ratio for effective weed control.

~15 gallons per acre final spray volume @ a 1:6 dilution = 2.5 gallons of Avenger / 13 gallons of H20
~40 gallons per acre final spray volume @ a 1:6 dilution = 5.75 gallons of Avenger / 35 gallons of H20

Nozzle Selection - Broadcast Treatments
The use of flat fan nozzles will result in the most effective application of AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide. Flood nozzles are generally not as effective as they produce large uneven droplets. The use of flood nozzles may result in reduced weed control due to inadequate coverage. When spraying less than 20 gallons of spray carrier per acre, use only flat fan nozzles as recommended.

Temperature and Humidity
When applying AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide in low-relative humidity, set up your equipment to produce larger droplets to compensate for evaporation. When conditions are hot and dry (droplet evaporation is most severe), avoid treating during the hottest time of the day.

What is the Broadcast Dosage and Application Rates
Use a 14% dilution for general weed, grass and broadleaf control. Spray volume is based on the size of the plants and/or the desired speed of kill. The larger the weed, grass and broadleaf, the higher the spray volume required to ensure maximum herbicidal activity. The higher the product concentration ratio, the quicker the weeds, grasses and broadleaves will wilt, brown and desiccate.

What is the Application Timing
AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide should be applied to emerged weeds when they are small. Weeds 1/8” to 6 inches in height are the easiest to control. Larger weeds may be more difficult to control and will require additional applications.

What is the difference between Avenger Weed Killer and AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide?
Both products are non-selective, post-emergence herbicides that quickly and effectively kills weeds, grasses and broadleaves without adversely affecting the environment. Avenger® Weed Killer and AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide share the same active ingredient d-Limonene (citrus oil), which naturally strips away the waxy plant cuticle, causing it to desiccate & die.

The main differences are as follows:
Avenger Weed Killer is EPA labeled and approved for organic garden or DIY/Home and Garden Use. “FOR ORGANIC GARDENING” is intended to be used where the product is typically for residential use and does not require worker protection language. The percentage of active ingredient is 70% (d-Limonene).

AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide is EPA labeled and approved for crop and non-crop production and NOP compliant in organic production for use on certified organic farms. “FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTION” is intended for use in commercial crop production, commercial animal production, and/or commercial food processing. The percentage of active ingredient is 55% (d-Limonene). AvengerAG® Burndown Herbicide contains a slightly different inactive ingredient formulation vs. Avenger® Weed Killer.

AvengerAG Burndown Herbicide is currently registered for sale in TX, FL, CA, GA, OR, PA, VA, WA, HI, TN, OH, SC, NC, where as Avenger Weed Killer is registered for sale in all 50 states, except SD.

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